The company was founded as TecnAvan S.r.l. in 1998 from the 20-year experience of highly qualified personnel working in the aviation industry.

In 2008, with a view to establishing a new corporate structure, the ownership decides to separate Tecnavan S.r.l. into two separate companies, Tecnologie Avanzate S.r.l., a leading aerospace company for composite fabrication, and Tecnavan Interiors S.r.l., a PART 145-approved company for the maintenance of aircraft interior furniture components and later in 2010 obtained EASA and PART 21G certification for the production of Non-Primary Structural Parts. In 2014 it introduces composite material processing with qualification by Agusta Westland. With this new qualification, clean room departments are expanded and upgraded to comply with the demands of our customers. In 2015, Tecnavan Interiors makes application in EASA to obtain DOA (P-EASA.21J.621).

With the aim of establishing itself in the aerospace industry, the ownership over the years has invested in technologies, resources and Know how, thus obtaining several awards.

The company is able to operate competitively and reliably in the market thanks to:

– an efficient internal organization;

– technologically advanced processes and machinery;

– a continuous process of enhancement and professional growth of its human resources.

Today it has two operating headquarters, the main one of about 2500 sq. m. and the auxiliary one of about 2000 sq. m. at the industrial area of Castelliri (FR) – via Pescara snc, about 25 km from the A1 exit – Ferentino and about 90 km from Rome.

The main products manufactured by TecnAvan Interiors S.r.l. fall under the category of “equipment and furnishings” and can be classified into:

  • flexible polyurethane pilot/copilot and passenger seats assembly
  • upholstery for aircraft seats and armchairs/sofas
  • upholstery for aircraft seats and armchairs/sofas
  • armrests made of integral polyurethane
  • thermoformed (plant ducts, tables, casings, liners, etc.)
  • loose and parking equipment for helicopters (Ground Intake Protection)
  • miscellaneous upholstery (upholstery, carpets and rugs, soundproofing quilts, seat belt straps, etc.)
  • galleys, etc.
  • rewebbing of seat belts and overhaul of inertia spools
  • metal parts (supports, plates, etc.)
  • composite parts (upper deck, tail beams,sandwich panels with metal or thermoplastic or carbon fiber skins, floor panels, antenna suports, radomes, headlight supports, air ducts.

Production departments

Company establishment 1
Legal and operative site:
Via Pescara, snc
Zona Industriale
03030 Castelliri (FR) Italia

Company establishment 2
Operative site:
Via Pescara, snc
Zona Industriale
03030 Castelliri (FR) Italia

Phone: (+39) 0776 1805131
(+39) 0776 1805194
(+39) 0776 1805499
Fax: (+39) 0776 808763 – 808282

Vat nr. / FC 02366690606
REA N° 147320
Share capitl € 100.000,00

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