CMM Dimensional Checks

Quality control of our products or products manufactured by our customers, cannot be separated from dimensional controls, that is, verifying that the output of the manufactured product corresponds to the requirements of dimensions, shapes and geometries indicated in the relevant technical drawing.

Tecnavan Interiors, in addition to boasting a large and advanced fleet of dimensional control instrumentation, also has at its disposal highly specialized technical personnel with long experience in the field.
The staff, in addition to conducting dimensional surveys by taking advantage of the equipment provided, is also able to process and analyze the data collected, providing a 360-degree evaluation.
Tecnavan Interiors is equipped with the following facilities:

  • No. 1 anthropomorphic arm from FARO equipped with laser probe
  • Nr. 1 tensile bench for seat belts
  • No. 1 2G and 3G strength test bench on inertia spools

In addition, T.I. is also equipped with hand-held and portable facilities so that inspections can be carried out while on the move off-site.

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