The production engineering department has an organized staff to design and find tailor-made solutions to meet the Customer’s requirements.Thanks to in-house technology, it is able to manage digital data to make molds and tooling by taking care of all aspects of the project:

  • Feasibility analysis,
  • 2D-3D drawing,
  • CNC tool path realization
  • Validation and verification of tool paths before use
  • Realization of the part
  • Validation of the same.

Such activities can be completely be managed digitally with Digital Manufacturing, being able the company to manage all the Customer’s digital data securely and reliably.To perform such processing we use specific software and equipment such as:

For 3D modeling, CAM and 2D drafting:

  • CATIA V5 Release R30 and earlier
  • Open Mind
  • Delcam

For capturing and creating the 3D model of any component, including complex shapes:

  • CATIA V5 Release R30 and earlier
  • PowerSHAPE
  • CopyCAD
  • RapidFORM
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