Performance of Manpower

For all our customers (and potential) involved in the aerospace industryt, that needs support for their ordinary or extraordinary productions activities, we provide manpower services, both general and specialized. The experience gained over the long time allows us to immediately understand the needs of our customers and select the right resources that can be efficient and productive and bringers of real added value.

Our staff is highly specialized for all those specific processes in the aerospace sector such as:

  • Assembly of simple or complex aeronautical structures
  • Clean room activities for the production of composite material components
  • Non-destructive tests with NDI techniques
  • Dimensional inspections with portable CMM systems (light arm, and others)
  • Production and / or design engineering

All collaborators follow periodic training courses to keep the skills acquired constantly updated

Safety first!

The workforce we provide is trained and certified to industry standards. Employees are trained in health and safety procedures and know how to work risk-free following environmental, health and safety standards.

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